Salsas de Conservas Arbeyal - Gijón

Cabrales Cheese and Foie Sauces

Patés de Conservas Arbeyal - Gijón

A different way to accompany your meal whita sauce made from natural products. To prepare food, easier without sacrificing ingredients of the highest quality.

Ready Made

Platos Preparados de Conservas Arbeyal - Gijón

Enjoy all-time
flavours once again.
Simply heat them and you
will enjoy the flavour of
ready made food thanks to
the experience and good
work of Conservas Agromar.


Patés de Conservas Arbeyal - Gijón

Unbeatable patés based on meat prepared in a hand-crafted manner. Different flavours
providing delicious patés. You will be delighted by
their delicacy and flavour.